3 minute guided audio stress release mindfulness relaxation link

As a recent speaker at Bil the unconference (the antidote to Ted Talks), I led the audience in this 3 minute mindfulness stress releasing relaxation. Useful to listen when you get home from work, to calm an overactive mind during the day or at bed time. Useful at almost any time but NOT when using machinery or driving.

You can download from Youtube, listen to or watch the sky and seashore waves. I filmed this while holidaying at a quiet village near Alicante. In the early morning the small beach evoked tranquility.

Enjoy. Wishing you good refreshing sleep and moments of Pause throughout your day.

Micro mindfulness guided relaxation to calm an overactive mind, stress releasing, soothing for insomnia, time out during the day. Pause Moments For You #pausemomentsforyou #pausemomentu @2simplifylife

Youtube channel 2SimplifyLife & Pause Moments For You



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