Micro Mindfulness Pause Moments that Support a Life Work Balance – BIL (un-conference) Talk

I had the opportunity to present at BiL (the global un-conference) on how practicing  pause moments can calm an over active mind. As a way of learning and practicing mindfulness, and reducing mind-full-ness. It’s a useful self help tool that rebalances our mental emotional selves. When you include Pause Moments into your daily life it can help alleviate anxiety. It’s a way to soothe us into more complete and restful sleep cycle. It’s forms parts of Linzi’s 2 Simplify Life and life-work balance values.

Here’s the link to watch this 16 minute presentation with slides. Please ‘like’ or connect and positive comments. Filmed by a friend on an ipad so quality is not professional.

A Mind Full of Pause Moments – Bil conference presentation

Bil talk Linzi screenshot


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