About Linzi

Linzi is an international speaker (BiL 2017), educator, organsier, un-clutterer and world traveler. She’s the originator of Pause Moments For You and Pause Moments.
Linzi published and edited one of the UK’s first regional eco and holistic health magazines, Eureka.
Linzi Martin 2 Simplify Life
Pausing for a moment by the shore
Linzi believes we deserve a life-work balance, creating a lifestyle of health, sustainability and mindful awareness. She’s a seeker, a multipotentalite, seeing creativity and wonder in many things.

Linzi has an extensive background in feng shui, chi kung, meditation, space and clutter clearing, therapeutic health & eco-sustainable resourceful living.

She says “experiencing the journey through breast cancer was one of the best things to have happened to me”.

Linzi is an holistic Lifestyle Management Personal Assistant Organizer. Premier clients include a member of the British government and one of the Virgin Companies.

 Linzi has been involved with the earth-friendly Tribal Earth festival for over 16 years. Tribal Earth festival uk
 She also enjoys Sunday mornings slowly awakening to the world, walking the dog, being in nature, experimenting with ingredients for healthful foods, being creative and growing edibles.